Vaginismus Support Services & Information

The following organisations provide Vaginismus Support Services for couples currently experiencing difficulty with Vaginismus.
There are also website links and recommended reading below.


Tel: 01 – 5053112

College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists Ireland
College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists UK

Tel: 020 – 8543 2707

Dublin Well Woman Centre

Tel: 01 – 8749243

Healthy Living Centre Dublin City University

Tel: 01 – 7007171

Institute of Psychosexual Medicine

Tel: 020 – 75800631

Relate Northern Ireland

Tel: 028 – 90323454

The Womens TLC Online Workgroup for Vaginismus Symptoms and GPPPD

Information on Vaginismus

Orlagh Reid Vaginismus Series Blog : : Causes of Vaginismus

Vaginismus Network: A Community for People with Vaginismus : Vaginismus Network

Recommended Reading

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