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This list of publications and interviews gives more information about the research on vaginismus in Ireland.


Vaginismus : Diagnosis from a medical and psychosocial perspective
McEvoy, M. (2022) The Womb Project (Online/Blog) 11th March
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Journal article in Sexual and Relationship Therapy
McEvoy, M., McElvaney, R. & Glover, R. (2021). Vaginismus: A biopsychosocial perspective. Sexual and Relationship Therapy
DOI: 10.1080/14681994.2021.2007233
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Access to PhD Thesis via DCU Library
McEvoy, M. (2021) Vaginismus in the Irish context: A grounded theory study. PhD thesis, Dublin City University.
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HSE Sexual Health News
McEvoy, M, McElvaney, R., Glover, R. (2018) Capturing the Experiences of Vaginismus for Irish Couples: A Dublin City University Study. HSE Sexual Health News, Issue 6 (Spring): 9-10
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RTE Brainstorm
McEvoy, M., McElvaney, R. & Glover, R.. (2018) What’s the impact of vaginismus on Irish relationships? RTE Brainstorm Online¬†(4 Sep)
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Glow West Podcast with Dr. Caroline West  (2022)
Vaginismus and Healing
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The many myths around vaginismus stop women from seeking help
Dunne, L. (2022) Irish Independent, February 28th, Pages 34-35.
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Condition preventing women having intercourse linked to poor sex education
Tutty, S. (2022) The Times UK, February 8th.
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Vaginismus may have its roots in childhood
Condon, D. (2022) Vaginismus may have its roots in childhood: 1st Irish study in 40 years to look at psychosocial factors. Women’s Health, January 19th
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Irish Independent Health Supplement 05.07.21
Dunne. L. (2021). Overcoming vaginismus inspired me to become a sexual health educator.
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Interview with Irish Country Magazine 20.02.19
Moynihan. M. (2019). No-Go Area. Irish Country Magazine, March Edition, p.70-73.
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Newstalk Podcast – 28 Jan 2018
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Herald Health Supplement
O’Keefe, D. (2018) We Need to Talk About Vaginismus. Herald, Health Supplement (29 Aug): 26-27
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O’Keefe, D. (2018) Vaginismus: The second most prevalent female sexual difficulty presenting at clinics. Independent (29 Aug): Online
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Media Interest

Understanding vaginismus – new study examines causes and treatments
DCU (2022) – Press Release, 17.01.22
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Research on biopsychosocial perspective of vaginismus published in journal
WIT (2022) – Press Release, 11.01.22
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