The Dublin City University study of vaginismus in Ireland, lead by researcher Maria McEvoy, was reviewed by journalist Dee O’Keefe for the Herald Health Supplement on 29th August 2018. ┬áThis is the first known study in thirty years on the island of Ireland about vaginismus. ┬áVaginismus affects the lives of many women and couples and yet very little information is available about vaginismus. ┬áThis article contains information about vaginismus, the DCU study and how to get involved in the conversation. The article was also carried on the ‘Life Health Features’ section with the title “Vaginismus: The second most prevalent female sexual difficulty presenting at clinics“. Click here to read this article online  

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Full text of the Herald’s feature “We Need to Talk About Vaginismus” is available by clicking the button below.
The current DCU study, which is being carried out in conjunction with Dr. Rosaleen McElvaney and Dr. Rita Glover, is seeking to start a conversation about vaginismus in Ireland. Maria McEvoy is currently looking to interview couples who have experienced vaginismus. The study has been approved by the DCU Ethics Committee and all information will be held in the strictest confidence and all identifying information will be completely removed. Contact Dr. Maria McEvoy at: email: You can also follow Maria and the research project on Twitter @IrishVaginismus